EU GREECE MIGRANTS Migrants return to camps after failed efforts to cross Greek border


Migrants packed their tents and left a field in Northern Greece on Sunday, after fruitless efforts to break police lines and head towards the country’s northern border in the past days.

Few tents remained in a field next to the migrant camp of Diavata near the border with North Macedonia as migrants boarded buses and returned to organized camps.

Dozens had camped out in the field from Thursday (April 4) galvanized by reports on social media of plans for an organized movement to cross Greece’s northern border.

Convoys of people that tried to walk towards the border were intercepted by police who used teargas to disperse them.

Tens of thousands of refugees and migrants, mainly from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, remain stranded in Greece from when Balkan countries shut their borders in 2016. That route was the main passageway to northern Europe.