EU 5G ASSESSMENT DUE The EU calls on members to assess risk profile of 5G suppliers


The European Union’s executive announced new guidelines allowing EU countries to restrict or ban high-risk 5G vendors from core parts of their telecoms network, a move likely to hurt China’s Huawei Technologies but unlikely to appease the United States.

EU Commissioner in charge of Digital, Margrethe Vestager, said in a news conference that maintaining network security was of paramount importance in the planned roll-out of 5G technology across Europe.

The non-binding recommendations, agreed by the bloc’s 28 countries, seek to tackle cybersecurity risks at national and EU level, with concerns mainly focused on Huawei, although the guidelines do not identify any particular country or company.

The United States wants the bloc to ban Huawei on fears that its gear could be used by China for spying, allegations rejected by the company.