‘Divisive’ Sturgeon sparks fury on Marr for refusing to admit damage of independence


NICOLA STURGEON has sparked a backlash after refusing to admit the impact Scottish independence would have on the country’s economy during a fiery exchange with Andrew Marr.

The BBC host grilled the SNP leader over whether it is “shameful” that her Government is yet to release an economic projection of how independence will affect Scotland. Andrew Marr asked: “Don’t you think it’s shameful that a government looking to take Scotland out of the UK hasn’t even bothered to look at the impact on the economy?” Nicola Sturgeon snapped back: “If I was asking people a week on Thursday to vote on the question whether or not Scotland should be independent then yes, I would agree with that.

“But I’m not asking people to do that on Thursday and if I was to do all that modelling now, we would have to redo it when asking people to make that choice.

“I believe it is only right to ask people to make that choice of that magnitude on the basis of quality, up-to-date information.

“That’s what we did in 2014 and it’s what we would do again.”

One Express.co.uk reader raged in reaction to our original story: “Shrill and shouty Sturgeon. She refuses to say what the economics look like because they are not having Indy Ref yet but asking for people to vote soon for SNP on mandate of Indy Ref.

“The SNP talks total tripe. When will Scottish people see through this?

“Debt deficit, cuts in public spending, currency and trying to join the EU are reality.”

A second person fumed: “Sturgeon a devisive, delusional individual who lies to deceive.

“Scotland will be heavily taxed, financially deficient and in austerity for years as all the economic business models indicate if they vote independence.

“Wake up Scotland to the lies of the SNP and Sturgeon/Scotland.”

Another reader said: “Yet again, this person does not give a damn what her citizens think.

“Let’s put it this way Nicola – would you happily sign up to buy a new house if you didn’t know how much it would cost you?

“The truth is, the SNP have no idea of cost as they do not keep current accounts or forecasts. Shameful treatment of your people.”

Source : Express.co.uk