This month is the month of gathering sheaves. It’s a Month of Gathering Sheaves. What’s happening? Did you know, there are ideas that the Lord gave you during the year? Did you know? You need to gather them!! Go find those things that the Lord spoke to you about and bind them, bring them together because there are things in there that you overlooked and God wants to point out something to you. This is one of the sheaves. We call them idea sheaves.

It’s a month of gathering Sheaves. where are your idea sheaves? Go find them! Go gather them together! Bind them! This month you must gather them! Find your notes! Find them! Wherever you put those things, go find them! And gather them together and review! Because God wants to talk to you and God wants to the update the information because some of that information is no longer useful because you didn’t use them at the right time and He needs to update them for you, in a way that you can act on them and he will give you the inspiration. …………….