Death From COVID-19 Vaccine Will Not Affect Life Insurance Pay Out


Getting a COVID-19 vaccine will not impact people’s life insurance policy payout in the event of death, according to the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI), a trade association that represents the life insurance industry in the United States.

“Life insurance policy contracts are very clear on how policies work, and what cause, if any, might lead to the denial of a benefit,” Paul Graham, senior vice-president of ACLI said in a press release. “A vaccine for COVID-19 is not one of them.”

“Policyholders should rest assured that nothing has changed in the claims-paying process as a result of COVID-19 vaccinations,” he added.

COVID-19 is the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, also known as the novel coronavirus.

Graham’s statements were issued after a social media post began circulating on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, claiming that receiving a COVID vaccine will affect death benefits.

However, for people who had a severe adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s unclear how their health status will impact their qualification for a life insurance policy in the future and if they will have to pay higher premiums.

The Epoch Times reached out to New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, and Mass Mutual for clarification on this issue.

Only Northwestern Mutual and Mass Mutual replied and directed us to the American Council of Life Insurers’ press release regarding the “social media misinformation campaign” but did not address the other questions.

“We do know that companies rely on information they find in medical records in the underwriting process which may, or may not, include COVID-related information,” Jack Dolan, Vice President of Public Affairs at ACLI told The Epoch Times in an email. “Exactly how companies use information found in an applicant’s medical record can distinguish one from the other.”