CLIMATE CHANGE Protesters target Canary Wharf and London Stock Exchange


On the final day of protests, environmental activists climbed onto a train at Canary Wharf station and blocked the entrance of the London Stock Exchange in London.

The Extinction Rebellion group has caused mass disruption in recent weeks across London, blocking Marble Arch, Oxford Circus and Waterloo Bridge, smashing a door at the Shell building and shocking lawmakers with a semi-nude protest in parliament.

At the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) station in Canary Wharf, five protesters from the group climbed aboard a train and unfurled a banner which read: “Business as usual = Death”. One glued herself to a train.

Climate change activist, Phil Kingston, aged 83, celebrated his birthday atop a DLR train.  He and DIANA WARNER, aged 60 – explained why they were there.