Britons LASH OUT at ‘vindictive’ EU over Spain’s new Brexit visa law -‘Can’t be trusted!’


BRITONS have lashed out at the EU over Spain’s new visa changes that will restrict British tourists from visiting the country for long period at a time.

Spain has introduced new visa rules which mean long-term British tourists who do not hold a visa are limited to stays of 90 days within a given 180 day period. Responding to the news, Brexiteer Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie said the move is likely to backfire and encourage British holidaymakers to book trips elsewhere. readers appear to agree with the commentator, with hundreds vowing to boycott European holidays in the future.

Mr Mackenzie Lawrie, senior research executive at Get Britain Out told “Whether the actual policing of things and the 90 days that people stay.

“When it comes down to it it is down to the Spanish border police to make those decisions.

“If the consistency is that the people are being turned away, rejected from entering Spain then Brits will look elsewhere to go on holiday.

“Or look elsewhere to buy properties abroad.

“Alicante and that whole area of Spain will sufferer the consequences of that.”

The Brexiteer said the move “undermined UK citizens’ rights in the EU”. readers staunchly agreed with the commentator, with hundreds suggesting the move by Madrid is another example of the EU underestimating Britain.

One reader wrote: “The EU and European countries have always underestimated the Brits.

“We don’t shout, jump up and down when we don’t get what we want.

“The EU view this as a weakness when in reality is just stiffens our resolve.

“People of the UK have had enough of the aggressive EU over the past 47 years.

“We Brits have a long memory and we don’t easily forgive or forget those that intend to do us harm.”

Another person said: “Why would anyone invest in property in Spain or France now? They’ve shown they can’t be trusted.

“They could change the rules and make it difficult whenever they felt like it.”

A third simply wrote: “Vindictiveness of EU is what one expects.”

Other readers predicted popular Spanish tourist hotspots will have now lost their appeal.

One person said: “Millions of UK Tourists used to visit Spain each year and spend money in Spain.

“Plenty of other countries in the World would welcome UK Tourists for the money.”

Another user wrote: “Benidorm for one will be a ghost town without the Brits.”