BREXIT UPDATE MPs face new vote on Withdrawal Deal – Part One


Supporters and opponents of Brexit campaigned outside the British parliament, as Prime Minister Theresa May set out plans for a watered-down vote on her EU divorce deal to be held on Friday.  The day we were supposed to leave the EU.

It’s not a full version of the Withdrawal Deal, just Part One – the legally binding part.  So even if Part One is passed, we will have to go through it all again next week, for Part Two – The Political Declaration..

However, the Deal does not look like passing as there are 20 Conservatives that have publicly refused to vote for it and the ten DUP MPs – the party from NI that keeps the PM Government in power –  have absolutely refused to vote for a deal that they say will break up the UK.

Also, Labour says that without the Political declaration – Part Two of the Withdrawal deal, its a “blindfold” BREXIT and they won’t vote for it either.