BREXIT NO DEAL VOTE MPs reject Labour plan for no-deal vote


MPs have rejected a Labour-led effort to take control of Parliament’s timetable, blocking the latest attempt to stop a no-deal Brexit. ┬áThe Commons opposed the move by 309 votes to 298.

If passed, it would have given opponents of a no-deal Brexit the chance to table legislation to thwart the UK leaving without any agreement on the 31 October deadline.

The result of the vote was greeted with cheers from the Tory benches.

Ten Tory MPs, mostly pro-Europeans, rebelled against the government by backing Labour’s motion. Conversely, eight Labour MPs – mostly Eurosceptics or MPs in constituencies which voted Leave at the referendum – defied party instructions and voted against it.


A key factor for the government was the support of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionists, who have voted against Theresa May during previous Brexit votes.