Brexit LIVE: Truss makes huge breakthrough in US trade talks as tariffs slashed by 25%


LIZ TRUSS has made a huge breakthrough in post-Brexit trade talks with the US, managing to remove a damaging 25 percent tariff.

The UK’s Trade Secretary is making strides in US trade talks, having met with Dr Jewel Bronaugh, the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, yesterday. Ms Truss is aiming to strengthen economic ties with the White House over a five-day visit to the US.
She wrote: “Great to see Dr Bronaugh @USDA on agri trade:
“Pushing to lift ban on UK lamb exports, US is world’s 2nd largest importer.

“I gave her British Stilton to celebrate the removal of 25 percent retaliatory tariffs!”

Securing a good deal with the US is crucial, as America is currently the UK’s largest single trading partner, with total trade reaching over £196bn ($252bn) in 2020.

Trade between the two countries also supports over one million jobs in each other’s economies.

The remainder of Ms Truss’s five-day visit will see the minister speak to leading Democrats and representatives from the tech industry, to discuss how a free trade agreement could set high standards for digital trade, according to a Government statement.