Boy Who Gave Up Xbox Money to Help Homeless Gets Big Surprise


Microsoft is giving back to a 9-year-old boy from Ohio after he sacrificed his Christmas dream to help others.

Like most other boys his age, what Mikah Frye wanted most was an Xbox One, but after seeing homeless people living out in the cold, Mikah asked his grandmother to use the $300 she was going to spend on the gaming system to purchase blankets for them instead.

When Microsoft caught wind of his kind act, they decided to give Mikah the Xbox One he had given up. The billion dollar company surprised him over the weekend with the console, games to play, and a few accessories.

Mikah’s generosity and compassion for the homeless comes from his own personal experience when he and his family lost their home three years ago.

With the Xbox money, he bought more than 60 blankets and donated them to an emergency shelter program called Access, the same program that helped his family.