The fact that you received the Holy Spirit at a specific time doesn’t mean you’ll always be filled with Him. Being filled with the Holy Spirit has to be a daily experience, in the same way you drink water every day. You don’t lose your mind when you’re filled with the Spirit, as some people think! Rather, you come under the control of the Holy Spirit twenty-four hours each day, and you become more sensitive to Him.

You don’t get filled with the Spirit simply by saying, “I’m now filled with the Spirit.” There are things to do that get you filled with the Spirit. These things are listed in ( Ephesians 5: 9 ) which says ” Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord”( KJV). This is how to be filled with the Spirit.

“Psalms” are spiritual poems sung or spoken to God in worship. “Hymns” are songs of thanksgiving and praise directed to or about God. “Spiritual songs” are prophetic songs of God’s Word that comes to you from the realm of the spirit, sometimes in other tongues. Also, when you make melody in your heart to God, ” the melody might not sound nice to someone else who hears it, but as you sing to the Lord you’ll get blessed. Get into the habit of being constantly filled with the Spirit.