Arrivederci Pelosi! Anti-Brexit Democrat planning her Italian escape after midterm defeat


Polling shows the Republicans are set to win control of the House of Representatives meaning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will lose her powerful position.

Joe Biden is planning to make Nancy Pelosi his ambassador to Italy if as expected the Democrats are humiliated in the midterm elections next month, Washington DC insiders have told It will set the USA on a collision course with the new rightwing government in Italy under Georgia Meloni but will see a major obstacle for UK/ US relations removed from a position of power in Washington. The speculation has arisen with the latest Democracy Institute poll suggesting the Republicans are on course for a handsome victory.

According to the monthly US tracker by the Democracy Institute for the Republicans are expected to comfortably win the House of Representatives in Congress with a lead of 48 percent to 44 percent.

This, according to projections would leave them with a  majority of 65 with 250 seats to 185.

It would mean that Ms Pelosi would be ejected as House Speaker, third in line to the Presidency, a role she has used to try to undermine relations with the UK particularly over brexit and Northern Ireland.

Ms Pelosi has insisted that a UK/ US trade deal would be blocked in the House unless Britain capitulates to EU demands on Northern Ireland in effect allow the break up of the UK.

She is very close to the powerful Irish lobby in the Democrats who in tern, according to UK Government sources, take their instructions from Sinn Fein.

When Liz Truss went to New York last month, Ms Pelosi, who has been an outspoken critic of Brexit, flew to Dublin to support efforts to stop the UK from passing a new law ending the worst effects of the protocol.

The 82-yearold Congresswoman is also known to have infuriated NATO allies Turkey over her activist relations with the Greek lobby in America.

But according to insiders in Washington DC, her plan is to head to Rome as the new US ambassador after a crushing defeat.

One very senior Republican told “It is well known now that Nancy has her get out plan. She is going to Italy as ambassador.”

A diplomatic source in the US added: “I think a lot of people will say good riddance if she is gone as Speaker. She’s a dreadful woman.”

The picture is less clear in the race for the Senate where the Republicans may fail to make any gains.

According to the Democracy Institute poll the Republicans lead the Democrats by 47 percent to 44 percent in the Senate race which could give them 53 seats to 47, but many in Washington think that is the optimistic outcome.

Senior Trump ally Jason Miller, the founder of GETTR social media company, said: “The problem is that the seats up for election this year do not offer many chances for the Republicans to win seats off the Democrats so it will be hard to win back the Senate.”

A former member of the Trump White House told a private meeting at the Carlton Club this week that the Republicans had picked the wrong candidates in key swing seats because they were close to the former President.

“Candidates like [former Amrican Football star]Herschel Walker just don’t have the necessary experience to win these seats.”

A former member of the George W. Bush White House, who has left the Republicans, was even more scathing.

He told “The problem is the lunatic fringe has taken over with Trump’s MAGA supporters and those candidates are putting voters off.”

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