ALGERIANS CELEBRATE Algerians in Paris celebrate Bouteflika’s resignation


Algerian protesters gathered in Paris on Sunday (April 7) to celebrate former Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s resignation and push for the removal of the current political structure in their home country.

Bouteflika ended 20 years in power on Tuesday after a final push by the military for him to stand down.

His resignation follows six weeks of protests calling for democratic reforms after almost 60 years of monolithic rule by veterans of the 1954-62 independence war against France.

That leaves Algeria extraordinarily in the hands of a caretaker government until elections in three months and with no successor in sight.

Demonstrators want a completely new political landscape and they see the caretaker government as part of an old guard which helped keep Bouteflika in power for 20 years.