2018 — ‘the Year of the Supernatural’!


Pastor Chris ushers millions of global congregants into an unprecedented season of the supernatural!
The moment that millions of participants, watching via satellite and terrestrial TV stations and the Internet, had been waiting for arrived a short while ago with the BLW President, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, declaring the word of the Spirit for 2018 — ‘the Year of the Supernatural’!

The man of God, Pastor Chris, began unveiling the new year in stages of revelation, beginning at a definition of ‘blessing’, which he instructed the global audience to commit to memory; “to bless,” he said, “is to cause to prosper, to favor, to evoke successful outcomes, to infuse with divine abilities.”

The BLW President further expatiated on the heart of the Spirit for us in this glorious year, listing seven areas through which the message of the year will be witnessed: supernatural supply; supernatural strength; supernatural abilities; supernatural insight; supernatural wisdom; supernatural knowledge; and, supernatural health!

Speaking prophetically, Pastor Chris said “there’s an intervention from the Heavens; angels are ministering, and the Lord Himself is taking center stage!” “You’re going to see the unexpected. You’re about to see the unimaginable,” he continued to declare in the Spirit.